long diamond earring
Silver earring dangle
long diamond earring
Silver earring dangle

White Cushion And Round Cz Solitaire Dangle Earrings

Product details

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Metal plating: Platinum
Stone: Cubic Zirconia

A beautiful pair of this white cushion stone in the bottom and round in the top made with Cubic Zirconia stone. This small pair of dangle earrings goes with every occasion whether a date night or an official meeting to attend.

Georgian Era earrings consisted of big round rose-cut diamonds or paste stones that sparkle like old mine cut diamonds. Georgian round button earrings are now most commonly created. Which were once beautiful Georgian era buttons or cufflinks are now made as everyday earrings.

About the Georgian era refers to an era in English history during the rule of King George I-IV from 1714 - 1840 The term Georgian is also used as a certain style of jewelry. The equipment used to cut gemstones was slower than the modern equipment we have now, so carving gemstones and cutting them wasn’t as precise as in modern times. The gemstones were usually larger in size, with fewer detailings done to the jewelry.
Pearls, sapphires, rubies and garnets were widely used in Georgian jewelry.
The popular cuts used in making the jewelry were -
Table Cut, Rose Cut, Old Mine Cut. During that Era, there were a few pieces of jewellery which were very popular and till date they remain to be popular today like The Riviere’s Necklace or The Girandole Earrings. Some of the popular designers like Jack Weir & Sons or Laurelle Antique Jewellery.

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