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    You have found The One. The person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and you are ready to pop the question. What are you going to do next? Buy a ring, obviously. That’s what suppose to do. but why?  Do not get me wrong: Rings are gorgeous. But why give an Engagement Rings?

    Egyptian Era

    Actually, itis a tradition dating back to the Egyptians, who believed circles were symbols of eternity. Wedded couples exchanged rings made out of braided reeds. These were worn on the left-hand ring finger. Which supposedly had a vein that ran directly to the heart, later named Vena amoris.

    Roman Era

    Fast-forward to the 2nd century B.C., when the Romans are believed to have started the tradition of betrothal rings in lieu of giving the bride money or a valuable object. But its symbolism was not much about love but ownership. According to Pliny the Elder. The groom first gave the bride a gold ring to wear during the wedding ceremony and at special events. Then an iron ring to wear at home, signifying her binding legal agreement to his ownership of her.


    Diamonds did not appear on engagement rings until centuries later. One of the first uses of a diamond engagement ring was in 1477. Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a ring set with thin, pieces of diamonds in the shape of an “M.” This set an example for European nobility, who added more precious gems to their jewelry. The Middle Ages also saw the rise of “posey rings,” bands engraved with romantic love poems and sayings.


    Everything changed when diamonds were discovered in South Africa. In 1880, Cecil Rhodes founded the DeBeers Mining Company with other investors. Within the decade, they controlled 90% of the world’s diamond production—and turned diamond engagement rings into nothing more than an ad campaign. Once the Great Depression ended. By the early 1940s, engagement rings become the leading line of jewelry in most department stores and the tradition continues even today.

    So if you have found the love of your life and you have to buy them a ring. And you have always wondered why a ring and not something else.So now you know the answer to it that how this tradition eventually came into place and why gifting a ring to your partner is so important. 

  • Elizabeth Taylor had a charm bracelet with a jeweler’s loupe. Not because she had an unfathomable love for jewelry, but she had a keen eye for detail and the ability to curate art, a skill she inherited from her father. 

    In our previous article, we have described Elizabeth Taylor most possessed necklaces. However, here we have taken a dive in the design of these rings to find out what is it in a ring that got the best of Elizabeth Taylor.

    The 4-carat diamond of 1950

    The femme fatale got this one from her first husband Nicky ‘Conrad’ Hilton who had to cough up $10,000 for the ring. The outrageous price traded place with an equally outrageous ring. A 4-carat princess cut solitaire on platinum. Set within a classic V-prong setting, the stone has enough space to show off the trapped light. Moreover, the white platinum has made the ring a real stunner. It’s difficult to ignore a proposal that rode on such a ring.

    Elizabeth Taylor,Elizabeth Taylor ring design.Elizabeth Taylor jewelry

    The cabochon sapphire

    A true artist and a lover of esthetics, Michael Wilding proposed Elizabeth Taylor a bit differently, over a sapphire. The cabochon sapphire, with a domed, polished effect disrupted the convention of buying a diamond for an engagement ring. At one hand, the opaque gemstone set in classic prong allows enough exposure to the surface for the lights to bounce back, on the other, it has never failed to attract and capture stares at the red carpets.

    Elizabeth Taylor,Elizabeth Taylor ring design.Elizabeth Taylor jewelry

    The 29.4-carat diamond of 1957

    The famous film producer Mike Todd had put the till-then-biggest diamond on Ms Taylor. The 29.4-carat solitaire is custom made pride statement from Cartier. Set within a bezel setting the stone has all the surfaces free of any obstructions. This allowed complete entrapment of lights and dazzling reflections from all sides. The split of the bands into two shanks at the setting makes the whole ring look even more gorgeous.

    Elizabeth Taylor,Elizabeth Taylor ring design.Elizabeth Taylor jewelry

    A coral, diamond, and emerald

    In 1967, a David Webb masterpiece found its place in Ms Taylor’s treasure-trove. An unprecedented combination of coral, emerald, and diamond gives this right ring a unique look. The crossover design has two cabochon coral placed in a loveseat position. The twin coral has an emerald each, placed on the top to accent union. That is embellished with round-cut diamond details placed on gold shoulders and gold hoop. The showpiece came under the hammer at $56,250, when Christie’s put it up as Lot 156 on December 2011.

    Elizabeth Taylor,Elizabeth Taylor ring design.Elizabeth Taylor jewelry

    A ruby, diamond of 1968

    An actor on screen and a romantic in real life, Richard Burton promised Elizabeth, “One day I’m going to find you the most perfect ruby in the world”. Some four years after the commitment, he found the royal Puertas Ruby at Van Cleef & Arpels. Set within eight prongs, the 8.25-carat Puertas Ruby boasts an eight-diamond halo and sits on a gold band. The ravishing look of the ring drew a confession from Ms Taylor.

    Elizabeth Taylor,Elizabeth Taylor ring design.Elizabeth Taylor jewelry

    The legendary Krupp of 1975


    Of all the rings she had, she was particularly possessive about the Richard Burton gifted Krupp diamond. The Elizabeth Taylor diamond is tagged “legendary” for a number of reasons. First, it is a whopping 33.19-carat Asscher cut that not only maximizes the reflection but nearly set a glare. Second, the stone has its record in one of the FBI files. The department had to run through more than 10 cities to recover the ring from a burglar who failed to make a fortune at the cost of Ms Krupp. Wearing the ring for the first time Elizabeth said, “ perfect would it be if a nice Jewish girl like me were to own it”.

    Elizabeth Taylor,Elizabeth Taylor ring design.Elizabeth Taylor jewelry

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    Call us hopeless romantics, yet Christmas really is the most wonderful time of year and the perfect opportunity to propose. With long, dark and cosy nights in, twinkling Christmas lights and heart-warming mulled wine, there is romance in the air.

    If you’re thinking of asking for proposing your partner for marriage, the festive period could be the best opportunity to pop the question. Here are the top five reasons to propose during Christmas.

    It’s the perfect Christmas gift

    Without seeming like the voice over for a cheesy rom-com, there really is no greater gift than love. So what better way to express your affection with the perfect gift that symbolizes love, commitment, and desire for a Christmas proposal. Oh, and a big diamond ring definitely wouldn’t disappoint on Christmas morning either. 

    All the family are together at Christmas

    Christmas is the ideal time for all the family to get together and there are plenty of excuses to celebrate with friends, so why not take this opportunity to propose the love of your 

    Make the most of the festive magic

    There is no denying that the Christmas period holds certain charm in the air. Why not pop the question while you are putting the finishing strokes to your decorations? That way, your first selfie as an engaged couple will be top of all those sparkling lights.

    The Christmas sales

    Amongst all the emotive reasons to propose, we have to include at least one practical idea and that, of course, is money. One of the various great things we love about Christmas is it's wintertime sales. Whether it is been a good year for you or not, we all adore a sale, so why not take advantage and buy her dream engagement rings at a fraction of the cost. Visit our holiday sale for more such offers.

    New Year, Newly engaged couple 

    The end of the year often signifies a time of growth for many couples. In New year resolutions tend to engage in our minds. Then why not take that leap of faith and commit a lifelong promise to your loved one.

  • Cubic zirconia (also known as CZ) is similar to a diamond with its brilliance and crystal clarity. But it is a synthesized (man-made) crystalline material that is colorless, hard, and flawless. It resembles so much to a diamond.It is an affordable choice to diamonds. It can be made in different colors to simulate the different colors of a diamond.

    cz vs diamond vs moissanite,stearling silver,cz silver,cz better

    Here are a few reasons why CZ is better than diamonds and moissanite because of the following reasons


    If you distinguish cubic zirconia with diamonds.CZ is significantly less costly. For any buyer who wants a particular style and setting of their ring or jewelry within an affordable price.

    2) Dream Jewelry- you can actually design and wear your dream jewelry at a very affordable rate. You can feel confident and look glamorous while wearing your dream jewelry.

    3)Shape- the size(carat weight) of diamond and moissanite is restricted to a certain size but in CZ you can go for pretty big size.

    4)Flawless and perfect colour-CZ is almost always created to be perfect and flawless, with an excellent clarity rating and lack of color. In fact, all cubic zirconia stones have a color grade of . which is the highest rating given for diamond color.

    5) Easily Available- CZ stones are easily available in the market for more details contact us

  • Elizabeth Taylor is still famous for her mesmerizing violet eyes. Elizabeth Taylor is also known for her exquisite and extensive collection of jewelry. The interesting part; however, are the stories that are associated with each of these gorgeous red-carpet pieces till date intrigues jewelry lovers.

    Let me walk you through some of her elegant collection of jewelry she wore throughout her life

    Elizabeth Taylor jewelry-CARTIER RUBY SUITE, 1957

    Elizabeth Taylor jewelry ,cz silver jewlery,emrald cut jewelery
    Elizabeth Taylor jewelry ,cz silver jewlery,emrald cut jewelery

    During the year 1957, Elizabeth Taylor has presented the Cartier Ruby suite by her then-husband Mike Todd. Crafted with 8 oval-cut and cushion-shaped. Burmese rubies surrounded with hundreds of circular and baguette-cut diamonds set on platinum and gold, the necklace is sure to draw out a shrill cry of joy. This jewelry was gifted to her in a pool by her husband and  Since there was no mirror around, she had to look into the water. The jewelry was glorious, rippling red on blue like a painting.

    Elizabeth Taylor jewelry-BULGARI NECKLACE, 1962

    Elizabeth Taylor jewelry ,cz silver jewlery,emrald cut jewelery
    Elizabeth Taylor jewelry ,cz silver jewlery,emrald cut jewelery

     The Bulgari necklace the life of Taylor during the shoot of her iconic movie “Cleopatra.” it is mounted with 16 step-cut octagonal Colombian with an Eye striking 60.50 carats, each surrounded by round brilliant-cut and pear-shaped diamond quatrefoils. The necklace was gifted to her by her then-husband Richard Burton. Taylor was given a choice between two spectacular emerald necklaces. a bigger one and a smaller one. she was very confused when one of her close friend  Bob entered. Richard asked bob to choose and he couldn’t decide either that when Taylor said I will go for a small one. That when bob quoted 'Mr. B., you can hardly get girls like that no more!'"

    Elizabeth Taylor jewelry-THE LA PEREGRINA – the legendary pearl NECKLACE, 1969

    Elizabeth Taylor jewelry ,cz silver jewlery,emrald cut jewelery

    When Richard gifted the La Peregrina to Elizabeth, she decided to meet Al Durante of Cartier and got personally involved with the designing of the necklace. The necklace has a detachable drop-shaped natural pearl pendant. It is suspended from an old mine and rose-cut diamond and silver foliate bail. This is attached to a set of circular-cut diamonds and pear-shaped rubies. This entire piece is separated from the two strand necklace by a detachable pear-shaped ruby and a natural pearl link. The necklace comprises 56 natural saltwater pearls and 4 cultured pearls which are intersected by 8 circular-cut diamonds and cushion-cut ruby flame motif plaques.

    Elizabeth Taylor jewelry-THE TAJ MAHAL DIAMOND, NECKLACE 1972

    Elizabeth Taylor jewelry ,cz silver jewlery,emrald cut jewelery
    Elizabeth Taylor jewelry ,cz silver jewlery,emrald cut jewelery

    The history of this necklace is nothing short of an epic love story. The necklace has the name NUR JAHAN inscribed who was the wife of the great emperor SHAH JAHANGIR. Who handed it down to his son SHAH JAHAN who then presented it to his beloved wife MUMTAZ-I-MAHAL. After her demise, SHAH JAHAN wanted to seal his love for her for eternity And hence ordered the making of the GREAT TAJ MAHAL.  Captivated by this history and the significance of this necklace. Richard Burton gave it to Elizabeth to mark her 40th birthday.

    Just the necklaces alone are a marvel to see.  The sheer brilliance of the diamonds, The placement of the rubies and the size of the emeralds.

  • Diamond Shapes of for your ring

    In order to select your ideal diamond ring, it can be helpful to understand the difference between diamond shapes.
    The diamond shape applies to the outline shape of the diamond as you look at it from the top downward. Often referred to as ‘fancy shapes’. When choosing the perfect shape for your diamond ring several factors can guide you: The ring style you covet, or just the design that captures your heart.
    Here are a few shapes that can be perfect for your diamond ring.


    Round shaped rings, round shaped stones, round shaped diamond

    This is the traditional diamond shape for a diamond ring. Round Brilliant is the name assigned to a diamond that is cut in such a way that the light returns, and hence sparkle, are maximized.


    The Cushion shape is a mix of square or rectangular with rounded corners. Timeless, and exquisitely made, it works well in most settings types. Due to its larger facets, it presents itself particularly well to vintage-style engagement rings.


    Princess shape diamonds possess a square silhouette and a shallow crown. They offer maximum sparkle and are a general choice for engagement ring settings that have a modern appearance.


    These diamonds are cut into large and elegant rectangles and squares. Not only do they make fingers look slim, their graceful shape and shallow crown strengthen the diamond’s color and clarity.


    It is also square in shape, Asscher diamonds are defined by their pointed culets and square-cut corners. In contrast to Emerald’s shape, an Asscher diamond’s steep facets magnify its brilliance.


    This is a sharp eye-shaped diamond whose unique shape makes it a very desirable option in modern engagement rings. Its subtle curves and elongated shape are also supremely flattering.


    When you engage your heart to your one true love, what could be a more iconic representation of that romantic gesture than a Heart shape diamond?


    Oval diamonds are a classic choice for a customer who likes the look of a traditional round diamond but desires something more contemporary.


    A beautiful Pear shape diamond has a  teardrop form. These diamonds are an excellent choice to maximize brilliance and make for a more unique diamond ring.


    This cuboid diamond is a combination of the shape of an Emerald cut, with the sparkle of a princess cut diamond. The triangular and kite-shaped facets in the centre give the diamond charming depth and further enhance its natural beauty.

  • CZ grades, CZ rates, Cz quality

    Cubic Zirconia stones have been rated from A to AAAAA. A being the Lowest Quality, while AAAAA being the Highest Grade available. Therefore there is a difference in the look and price within the lowest and highest grade, and there is a market for all of them. It is important for you to understand the difference between Cubic Zirconia Grades to make the right choice when selecting a CZ stone.

    How Are Cubic Zirconia Stones Rated?

    The rating system is based on numerous variables. The same four Cs that are used to define the quality of a diamond is used to rate Cubic Zirconia Grades. The four Cs are mentioned below


    There are a variety of cuts that are used for various shapes, and the skill of the stone cutter is of utmost importance to the final look of the stone and it's the job of the stone cutter to bring out the best features in each stone.

    Most CZs are available in the modern cut. A specialized seller would be able to offer you cubic zirconias in Old Mine Cut, Old European Cut, or Rose-cut with the same lustre and brilliance like that of a diamond.

    An ideal brilliant-cut cubic zirconia has 8 hearts and 8 arrows. Cushion cut czs and pear cut CZ are available in a variety of internal faceting. 

    Cubic Zirconias do not follow the same faceting as diamonds, if they did, they will appear empty or hollow. Most cubic zirconia needs a special type of faceting that will exude the brilliance that examplated by diamonds.


    While the manufacturing process, a stone can develop cloudiness that is a visual flaw. Just like a diamond, the clearer the stone appears, the higher the value it has. It is a myth that all cubic zirconia are clear and have excellent IF (equivalent to diamond) clarity.

    Since cubic zirconias are a little more brittle than diamonds, a lower quality CZ will show chipping to their tables or culets. Some of the facets also show flaws and dents, thus resulting in cloudiness over a period of time. A five A grade CZ will be IF equivalent to diamonds. They have exceptional clarity without any internal flaws, chipping or dents.


    Trace elements are combined during the manufacturing process to design a coloured stone. These coloured stones are rated based on their uniformity and intensity of colour. The quality of the substances used in the manufacturing process can affect the colourless feature of the stone, hence a truly clear gem is rated higher than one that has any tinge of colour.

    You can also get CZ’s in a variety of colours. Yellow and Diamond Pink CZs are very popular with a variety of shades available even in those to colours. The closer the colour of CZ is to the diamond, the more expensive the CZ becomes. For example, GH or MN coloured CZ will cost more than regular white CZ or a canary yellow or pale yellow CZ will be priced higher.


    Diamond is priced as per the carat weight. However, CZs are priced as per their measurement size. Mostly, czs are measured in millimetres. Similar to diamonds, a larger size CZ is rare to come across.

    Defining The Cubic Zirconia Grades System

    CZ stones are graded as A, AA, AAA, AAAA, and AAAAA. Let’s get a closer look at the grade-

    A  and AA Grade Stones

    A and AA are the lowest quality grade stones of Cubic Zirconia grades are mostly used by craftsmen and artists for practising their creations. These stones are priced for the craftsman who requires volume, sparkle and the wow factor at a very affordable price. These A-rated stones are certainly not fine jewelry, but they are very common in the art world.

    AAA and AAAA Grade Stones

    Cubic Zirconia that is rated AAA and AAAA are more highly polished than A grade stones. They tend to have more radiance and shine. However, they do not have the level of finishing and facets as compared to AAAAA grade stones. You may tend to see some Polish Marks or Grain Lines across the surfaces.

    These stones are used by mass-market manufacturers to create fairly reasonably priced jewelry. AAA Grades are the most common grades on the market for CZ’s because of their price and availability. Swarovski is the most popular brand for AAA grade CZ.

    AAAAA Grade Stones

    These stones are the highest grade stones in CZ. They are generally crafted by the best stone cutters and are shining just like any top-rated diamond would be. These stones are remarkably similar in look to diamonds it would be very difficult to tell them apart. These pieces are high quality, and yet affordable, choices for a shopper looking for a stunning piece without the stunning price tag. 

    AAAAA grade CZ will last you for decades and won't turn cloudy like the other cubic zirconias.

  • Is Sterling Silver Jewelry Low on Maintenance?

    A lot of websites and blogs tell you a lot of DIY things that you could do with your sterling silver jewelry to keep it tarnish-free like using baking soda, toothpaste or lemon to clean them. But the real fact is that these are acting agents that will damage your silver in a longer run. 

    clean stearling silver, how to get rid of tarnish,sterling silver jewelry,silver tarnish

    Adastra uses patented 925 sterling silver jewelry, which is low to maintain. It doesn't tarnish from daily use unless exposed to harsh chemicals. 

    These are the simple steps to follow post wearing or whenever you feel it has collected dirt:

    1.Boil it in water

    A very simple economically and environmentally friendly way of getting rid of dirt is to boil your silver piece for 5-10 mins. Be careful not to burn yourself. Use tweezers to pick it out of the boiling water.

    2.Soft Clean Brush 

    For etched, stamped, detailed items, or near prongs, you can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush.

    3.Clean Cloth

    After each wear, clean your precious jewelry with a soft cloth before placing it back into the jewelry box.


    In case the plating is worn out, you could simply contact us for replating or contact your jeweler near you. Simply google jewelry store near me.