Adastra jewelry

Costume Jewelry Necklace

Fine Jewelry

Crafted from hypoallergenic Solid Gold or Sterling Silver, our masterpieces showcase finesse and precision that will leave you in awe.
Precious Stones

Highest Quality Gemstone

Most rare and unique stones make it to our atelier. Each rough purchased is carefully examined, ethically sourced, and chiseled into the finest stones that are encrusted into magnificent jewels.

Sustainable Brand

Our love goes beyond just creating masterpieces. We proudly care for our earth.
Daisy Fellowes Necklace

Made in India

Unparallel craftsmanship was born and nurtured through years in India - a land of rich heritage and culture. Based in a country with myriad attractions, we imbibe traditional jewelry-making techniques in a state-of-the-art facility, which constantly inspires us.
Princess Diana Sapphire Ring

Jewelry Boxes

Every spectacular creation deserves pampering. All of our pieces are beautifully wrapped in Adastra’s signature night-blue box.